Embassy of India, Vilnius, Lithuania

A new passport can be issued upon the expiry or up to one year before the expiry of any passport with an initial validity of 10 years. To apply for a new passport, you need to submit the following:

    1. Duly filled and printed online application form with two ink signatures (first page below the photo and last page in the signature box). Kindly mention the proper Indian address in the application form for the purpose of Police verification (two addresses are required in the application form, one address should be from India and the other/current address in the foreign country).
    1. Three square-shaped colour photos, size 2 inches x 2 inches (51 mm X 51 mm). For more information, please see: Photo specification
    1. Current passport (Mandatory)
    1. Self-attested copies of the first and last page of your current passport
    1. Self-attested copies of your residence permit (both sides)
    1. In case your appearance/outlook/face has changed significantly since your last passport was made, please fill the Change of Appearance form additionally from the given link. Affidavit for change of appearance adult
    1. Proof of payment (Fee-receipt). Payment by bank transfer only.
    1. Payment Details: Consular fee

                 All fees paid for this service are non-refundable

NB! If any of your personal details have changed since the issuing of your current passport (i.e. change of name, change of printable address in the passport in India or abroad, update of marital status), you will need to submit additional documents.


  • Additional documents required for change of printable FOREIGN address in the passport:
  • Proof of the new address such as a copy of the electricity bill, telephone bill, bank statement, rent agreement, etc.
  • Additional documents required in case of change in Name:
  • Documents required from India (This would not be applicable for temporary residents and visitors from India or third countries):
  • Clippings of two local newspapers in India or the Gazette notification of the concerned State Government, as the case may be; and
  • At least two public/school documents issued in the desired name to ascertain that the applicant has actually changed his name.

OR/Alternatively Documents required from Lithuania:

  • For those who have been staying abroad on a long-term permanent or work, student visa/permit, two public documents issued by the local (Lithuania) government/local school/educational institution where the student is enrolled may be accepted. This would not be applicable for temporary residents and visitors from India or third countries.
  • Regarding SURNAME
  • If any applicant wants to add/shift the surname from the given name, it may be allowed subject to the production of at least two public documents in the said name. For example, if an applicant held a passport in the name of SANJU MOHAN PRASAD with the SURNAME blank, he may be allowed to enter SANJU MOHAN or SANJU as the FIRST NAME and PRASAD or MOHAN PRASAD as SURNAME.


  • Change/add in Surname subsequent to marriage
  • If your surname has changed subsequent to marriage and you want to apply for a new passport in your married name, you will need to submit an affidavit for change/add in surname affidavit change of name after marriage together with your passport application. You are also required to furnish the following additional documents: Copies of your spouse’s passport/Aadhar Card/Voting Card


  • Please note that you must submit a complete application with relevant documents. In case of an incomplete application due to any missing relevant document, it will not be processed, and there could be a delay than the usual processing time.


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